Our Mission
To ensure the traditional values of the art is retained and to promote good talent in our students.


We make you want to music & dance...right now!

Services offered for Music & Dance

The Creative Music School offers a vast knowledge in all the varied courses in our institution which are abundant even though we primarily focus on Bharathanatyam, Western Dance, Keyboard and Drums. We also provide Certificate Courses in our school.


Bharathanatyam is a classical dance form that originated from Tamil Nadu but is now world famous for being one of the oldest form of Dance. The name bharathanatyam means a dance that encompasses music, rhythm and expressional dance or abinaya. It is also basically called as the fire dance,if we watch the moves closely it would resemble the movement's of a dancing flame.

Western Dance

Dance and Music together has been used together for thousands of centuries to express the spirit and personalities of different cultures. When America was first discovered and people from all over the world started migrating to America , many forms of their culture intermingled including their dance forms leading to the birth of western dance.


Drums is a collection of drum and other percussion instruments which are put together to be playe by one single player. To play this a pair of drum stick and foot pedal is also used.


A keyboard is a musical instrument played using a row of levers or keys which when pressed by fingers produced a tune which may be an obnoxious sound or a sweet melody.


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